4 - Cosmica
Age: Unknown (imortal)
Species: Godness
Gender: Female
Element(s): Space
S.O: Bisexual
Mate: None
Parents: The Creator and Alma
Siblings: Emit, Solar and Luna
Offsprings: None
Likes/Loves: ???
Dislikes/Hates: ???
Status: Alive


She is a canine/wolf like godness, blue fur color with dark markings around her body. She has blue eyes and pawpads. And she has a dark blue nose.


Cosmica likes to walk around and make friends, but she can be aggressive when she is angry. She is one of the fews females who are big and strong between the gods and becoming more strong by a by. Ever that happening, she knows how to control herself and she try to be fair to everone.