6 - Luna
Age: Unknown (imortal)
Species: Godness
Gender: Female
Element(s): Night
S.O: Asexual
Mate: None
Parents: The Creator and Alma
Siblings: Emit, Cosmica and Solar
Offsprings: None
Likes/Loves: ???
Dislikes/Hates: ???
Status: Alive


She is a canine/wolf like godness, gray fur color with dark gray, white and cyan markings around her body. She has a moon like marking in both two back legs. She has cyan eyes, nose and pawpads.


Luna is a misterious and quiet godness, rarely she likes to talk with others gods and prefers to stay close to her parents and siblings. On the beginning, she didn't like the task her parents chosen to her, because she doesn't like to work. But with time, she got used to it and she is proud to bring light for creatures at night.