5 - Solar
Age: Unknown (imortal)
Species: God
Gender: Male
Element(s): Day
S.O: Heterosexual
Mate: None
Parents: The Creator and Alma
Siblings: Emit, Cosmica and Luna
Offsprings: None
Likes/Loves: ???
Dislikes/Hates: ???
Status: Alive


He is a canine/wolf like god, yellow fur color with orange and red markings around his body. He has a circular like marking in both two back legs. He has red eyes, nose and pawpads.


Solar has a short temper and likes to shine around and thanks to this, others gods thinks he's selfish and ignorant, but that's not true. He is overprotective about his siblings and sometimes, he hurts others creatures accidentally thanks to his aggressive acts. And his task is to bring the day for every planet to creatures to live and enjoy the sunlight.