The Creator
1 - The Creator
Age: Unknown (imortal)
Species: God
Gender: Male
Element(s): Life
S.O: Heterosexual
Mate: Alma
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Offsprings: Emit, Cosmica, Solar and Luna
Likes/Loves: ???
Dislikes/Hates: ???
Status: Alive


He is a canine/wolf like god, gray fur color with dark and light markings around his body. He has white eyes, nose and pawpads.


The Creator is the main and most important god of the universe. He is responsible, rightful, calm, kind and friendly. Rarely he will use brute force to do what he wants. He created everything because he was feeling unhappy and so alone. After the creation, he realized that nothing was perfect, but he didn't take it serious and made some rules for others gods and creatures to live in harmony and peace.